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Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Laboratory

Director: Ponce-Pedraza, Arturo, Ph.D.


This laboratory houses an impressive collection of high-end microscopes including one of the most powerful transmission electron microscopes in the world. The microscope is kept in a specially designed space that inhibits intrusive vibrations. Its atomic resolution is propelling world-class research in nanotechnology, biology, chemistry, geology, engineering and medicine.

The laboratory's microscopes are accessible to trained collaborators from other institutions.





  • Hitachi High Resolution 5500 SEM ( Scanning electron microscope )

    "This scanning electron microscope (SEM) has ultra-high 4 Angstrom resolution, STEM mode, and a Si drift detector for EDS analysis. The microscope also has a complete software packages for chemical analysis."

  • Horiba-Jobin Raman microscope ( Raman confocal microscope )

  • JEOL 2010 TEM (1.2 Å res.) ( Transmission electron microscope )

    "This microscope has a resolution of 1.2 Angstrom with microdiffraction capability."

  • JEOL JEM-1230 100kv TEM ( Transmission electron microscope )

    "The JEM-1230 is a high performance high contrast TEM with advanced features and functions such as a five-axis, motorized programable stage, tip-on specimen holder, log-in user proferences, high coherence illumination conditions with filament-saving low emission current, user friendly controls, file storage, automatic filament heating, and automatic exposure micrograph photography."

  • JEOL JEM-ARM200F TEM (0.8 Å res.) ( Transmission electron microscope )

    This aberration corrected transmission electron microscope has a resolution of 0.8 Angstroms in STEM mode. It is also fitted with an EELS Gatan Tridium spectrometer, an EDS X-ray detector, and is capable of holography.

  • VEECO STM-AFM multimode microscope ( Atomic force microscope )

    "Lab houses two systems with many attachments including magnetic force, friction, and nanoindenters."

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