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Nano Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Lab


Functional Hybrid Biomaterials Lab
The research interest of our laboratory is developing functional hybrid biomaterials solution for implantology, regenerative medicine and specific diseases by means of surface modification, tissue engineering and nanotechnology. Our research lies at the interfaces of fundamental material science, biology and clinical applications at the macro- micro- and nano- scale level, where basic understanding of biology inspires the development of functional hybrid biomaterials for medical applications. We believe quality work depends on idea, passion and persistence."

Tissue Engineering Lab
Tissue engineering consists of four categories: scaffold, drug release, cell and signals. In our lab, we focus on optimization of scaffold design and fabrication to mimic the in vivo natural environment, to aid and induce tissue regeneration. In our lab, bioceramics, polymer and composite scaffolds with different composition, geometry structure and shapes are fabricated using different techniques, and their effect on bone cell and bone tissue have been evaluated. Currently our research is in the field of controlled biodegradable rate of scaffolds with porous covered polymeric microsphere, thereby achieving a controlled release rate of growth factor and drugs within antibacterial effect. In addition, we are interested in applying the developing biomaterials for specific diseases such as bony birth defects and cancer therapy.


      Member: Oh, Daniel, Ph.D.
      Role: Director, Engineering Core, Director, Nano Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Lab

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